COVID-19 and heart inflammatory diseases

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N. Chumburidze-Areshidze
T. Bochorishvili


The aim of our research was to study the effects of COVID-19 on the cardiovascular system for im¬mediate identifying the pathological processes in this system that aggravate the course and outcome from the disease.

During 2020 LEPL Gori Military Hospitalnamed after G. Abramishvili had 1460 patients with a diagnosis of COVID -19 from which 589 were women and 871 men. The age range was from 21 to 70 years; the average age 47.5 years. Unfortunately, 87 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 died.

The echocardiographic study of the patients included in the study revealed: a change in the ejection fraction and attention to the deterioration of relaxation. EF 60% and above - 761 patients. EF 55- 60% - 594 patients. EF less than 50% - 105 patients. Pericarditis has been reported in 11.5% of all cases. An increasein the final diastolic size of the left ventricle was observed - in 18.7% of total cases.

Decreased ejection fraction and the onset of heart failure were observed in more than 50% of patients with Covid-19 and other comorbidities, regardless of whether the comorbidities in these patients were cardiac pathologies. Therefore, in all patientswith COVID- 19 and other concomitant diseases, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist and conduct an echocardiographic examination.

COVID-19, Myocarditis, Pericarditis
Published: Sep 26, 2021

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