Uninterruptible power supply systems for military armaments and facilities

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Gela Javakhishvili


The article deals with the issues of uninterrupted power supply of military weapons and objects at the level of microgrids. Presented are energy storage units - battery modules, of various purposes, design, voltage, energy intensity and power, based on lithium-ion batteries. Analysis of modern battery modules for autonomous power plants of different designs for mobile and stationary purposes, with different rated voltage and power. An energy storage system controller between the battery management system and the electric consumer control system and supports specific application requirements like frequency regulation, renewable firming, load shifting, or demands made to the system. Best practices for energy storage control systems dictate that they are modular and scalable.

Battery Module, Power Supply, Electric Energy Storage, Microgrid, Energy Intensity, Uninterruptible Power Supply
Published: Sep 26, 2021

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