Analysis of aircraft impact loads and calculation of the protective device

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A. Maisuradze
S. Mebonia
M. Chelidze
B. Mghebrishvili


The shock interaction between turbojet engines of aircraft and birds is considered. In the paper, the bird’s body is treated as a viscous mass, while the physical processes taking place in the bird’s body during impact are described by a hydrodynamic model. The maximum force of pressure at the moment of impact is determined according to the theorem on the change in the momentum of the system. A technique and a mathematical model are proposed to determine the forces arising from the collision of the protective module of the engine with foreign bodies and to study the dynamics of the protective module. A second-order heterogeneous differential equation of motion of the turbojet engine protection module with constant coefficients is obtained. It
is established that the elastic elements of the module design perform a damping function and partially soften the impact force. A method for calculating the protective grid from shock interactions with external objects, including birds, of the turbojet engine module of an aircraft is given.

Aircraft, Turbojet Engines, Shock Interaction, Protective Module, Protective Grid
Published: Sep 26, 2021

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