Consequences of Taliban activism in Afghanistan

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Nino Giligashvili
Nutsa Lotsulashvili
Maia Kapanadze


Recent developments in Afghanistan have attracted the attention of the international community. Almost all media outlets intensively cover the latest proceedings in Afghanistan. After the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan in August this year, the Taliban managed to capture almost the entire Afghanistan, including the capital Kabul. This event radically changed the local, regional and international political agenda. Most experts believe that the situation in Afghanistan in 2021 was similar to the self-proclaimed Islamic Emirate of 1996-2001 (the “first” period of Taliban rule), which was ruled by the Taliban under Sharia law. Despite the accomplishments made in Afghanistan in recent years, it is predicted that as soon as the international forces leave the country, the situation will again become critical as politically, militarily and economically, also in the human rights area, which has actually already been confirmed.

Taliban, Al Qaeda, United States, Pashtuns
Published: Sep 26, 2021

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