Analysis of existing concepts of assessment of information protection against viral attacks in information-communication systems

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Giorgi Kokhreidze


Analysis of the characteristics of methods of protection against virus attacks in information and communication systems and the development of antivirus systems allow to say that methods of assessing information security threats, including threats from virus attacks, are currently the main information. Within the framework of the concept:

• A concept based on the assessment of the ability to provide information protection against virus attacks, which requires compliance with the requirements of the document regulating the protection of information from unauthorized access.
• A concept based on the assessment of the urgency of information security threats in key objects of information infrastructure.
• A concept based on the assessment of the probable development of events that reflects the dynamics of response to viral attacks on an information system by antivirus protection systems.

The paper discusses the models of concepts and demonstrates the need for a methodological apparatus for the characteristics of the means of protection of information resources from virus attacks.

Information and Communication Systems, Virus Attacks, Security Systems, Information Object Protection Assessment Methods
Published: Sep 26, 2021

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