NATO Strategy in the Context of Black Sea Regional Security

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Nino Maziashvili


In nowaday’s world, the security of the Black Sea region is of great interest to NATO and the European Union, as exemplified by the European Parliament, the Black Sea Strategy document adopted in 2011, the Washington Ministerial Meeting held in 2019, and the act towards security in the Black Sea that was approved at the mentioned ministerial meeting and many other documents.

The article discusses the interests of Georgia in the regional security of the Black Sea, as well as obstacles to Georgia’s integration into NATO.

The EU does not have sufficient resources to independently assist partner states in addressing the growing security problem in the Black Sea region. The EU is clearly increasing its involvement in the region, but still is not able to create a secure environment to achieve realization of its policy objectives. However, taking into account above-mentioned facts, NATO still remains the EU’s security guarantor and the only active organization that can defend European interests.

The declaration adopted at the NATO summit in Warsaw in 2016 clearly states the importance of responding to certain threats in the Black Sea region, in particular to the seizure of Crimea by Russia and the process of mobilizing and further expanding the armed forces.

The security of the Black Sea is one of the foundations of stability in Eastern Europe!

As a recommendation, an action plan should be developed for active cooperation and further deepening of relations with NATO.

NATO, Security, Black Sea Region
Published: Sep 26, 2021

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