Improved Method of Synthesis Material - Picric Acic

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Merab Nadirashvili
Tamar Iashvili


For humans, explosives are of great importance as a source of energy. This applies not only to the state of war, but also to the period of peaceful reconstruction - mining and engineering work, arrangement of surface and underground infrastructure, etc. Sh. Today, millions of tons of different types of explosives are produced worldwide. However, this does not preclude the need to synthesize new explosives for a number of reasons.

First of all, to optimize the characteristics such as cost, strength, safety - during production, storage, transportation, etc. Sh. It should also be noted that the synthesis of explosives is high risk and expensive “pleasure”. Therefore, in this process, increasing the practical solution of the targeted substances is of great importance. In general, the main goal of our work is to synthesize its chemical analogues by converting picric acid and to study their explosive ability. To perform such transformations we need multiple syntheses of picric acid itself to accumulate. The paper deals with the changes we have made in one of the well-known methods of picric acid synthesis, as a result of which the practical solution of this explosive has been significantly increased. The article, which is partly reviewable, also discusses other information about picric acid, the disadvantage of its acidic properties, the mechanism of the nitration process, and so on.

Explosives, Synthesis, Methodology, Picric Acid, Nitration, Practical Yield
Published: Sep 26, 2021

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