Strategic realism in Russian foreign policy

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Nino Okhanashvili


This article seeks to illustrate the key factors driving Russia’s aggressive foreign policy, and which model and strategy of decision-making in foreign policy does Russia use.

To explain Russia’s foreign policy, the article uses the model of a rational actor in foreign policy decision-making and one of the most influential theoriy of international relations - the strategic realism of Thomas Schelling.

Methodologically, the article is considered in the category of qualitative research and uses the case study method as a basic methodological approach.

The study found that Russia’s aggressive foreign policy is due, on the one hand, to its possibilities and, on the other hand, to the anarchic nature of the international system. Russia uses the rational actor model in foreign policy decision making, as well as testing the limits of force in the system to ensure highest benefits, lowest costs.

Russia, Foreign Policy, Rational Actor Model, Strategic Realism
Published: Sep 26, 2021

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