Cognitive Technologies as the Tool for Network wars

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Ramaz Chichua


Generally war is one of the most problematic issue in the history of human thinking. The discussion of the issue still causes unresolved controversy. There is no consensus on origin, stages or consequences of war. Everybody agrees that war is the greatest calamity followed by bloodshed, destruction, human sacrifice, psychological stress, and so on. The article discusses aspects of the various forms of the Network Wars tool.

The rapid development and availability of information technology has moved informal and formal communication networks to digital form, which has created a trend that the mentioned form will soon become crucial.

According to statistics, by the spring of 2017, 65% of Georgian Internet users were online at least once a day. Within a year, the Internet audience rate had grown by 5%. This is the infrastructure for conducting information-psychological operations of network wars.

War, Humanity, Cognitive Technologies, Network Wars, Internet
Published: Sep 26, 2021

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