Useful Method For Developing Critical Thinking

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Sophiko Tskhelishvili


Education specialists consider critical thinking as one of the vital skills that we use in our daily lives to make important decisions. Critical thinking belongs to higher order thinking skills that is not a native skill and has to be developed by the help of experienced teachers.

Experts differentiate a number of cognitive skills that are characteristic to the process of cognition. There are also the skills of analyzing, assessment and conclusive formulation to be considered.

Based on prolonged observation I found that the lack of critical thinking was prevalent amongst the students. I asked myself a question: “How can I help my students develop critical thinking skills?” and got interested in researching of the methods needed to solve the problem. Discussion is the most important aspect in the strenuous process of developing critical thinking. Before doing that it is absolutely crucial to generate ideas, receptiveness etc. Q and A process gives students opportunities to thoroughly analyze given issues. I have been using seven the most important methods in my pedagogical practice that are absolutely motivating. After using any of the methods of discussion teacher alongside students analyzes the results of the discussions and derive SWOT analysis.

In my opinion methods and practices that are reviewed in this article will help fellow teachers in their pedagogical practice. I would be glad if they implement above-mentioned methods in their day-to-day teaching practice and will care for development of the future generation.

Critical Thinking, Discussion, Cognitive Skill
Published: Sep 26, 2021

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