Producing of bulk crystals of InxGa1-xAs solid solutions with unchanged electroconductivity in the longitudinal direction

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Tengiz Qamushadze
Elza Khutsishvili
Nana Kobulashvili
Zurab Chubinishvili


The properties of InxGa1-xAs solid solutions and their areas of application are considered. InxGa1-xAs solid solutions, due to their unique properties and tolerance to radiation, are promising materials for radiation-resistant electronics. Therefore, the development of a technology for obtaining homogeneous bulk crystals of solid solutions and refinement are very relevant today. Czochralski method is chosen to obtain them. The technological equipment used is described and the electrophysical parameters of the samples obtained at this time are given. It has been experimentally found that the electrical conductivity of solid solutions of InxGa1-xAs increases towards the end of crystal slit, which is caused by an increase in the concentration of impurities in the melt. The method of gradually increasing the crystal pulling velocity was successfully used to obtain a uniform distribution of electrical conductivity in slit along the growth direction. Graphs of distribution of specific resistivity along the length are presented.

Semiconductor, Radiation, Solid Solutions, Electroconductivity, Crystals
Published: Sep 27, 2022

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